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Hi Dahren,

You didn’t answer the most vital questions to this project.
Where is it located? What are the demographics like? What type of competitors do you have? Is this your first laundromat? Do you have a full time job? What are your financial resources? These all play a factor in your decision making. And many more as well…

It sounds like you may be brand new to the business. If so, finding a strong coach or mentor will likely be invaluable to you. Even if you pay them consulting fees, they’ll likely easily justify their cost and pay for themselves many times over.

Overall, I recommend you get a solid handle on the questions above, then try to answer the more basic questions.

Should you lease equipment? No

Should you paint the walls yourself? Well,if you have more time than money then yes. Painting is typically a pretty easy diy chore to tackle. If you’re hiring a contractor to manage the project, adding painting to the mix can be very reasonably priced.

Should you replace the carts? If doing a full reno, then yes! Don’t stop 5 feet short of the finish line…. Also if they are absolutely atrocious, then yes replace them immediately.

Should I put in a card system? If you decide that’s the best payment system for you and you are replacing all of the equipment, then yes now is the time! I don’t recommend that people tackle a payment system right away. There are many pros and cons to each type. Get to know the business and the options available to you before making this decision.

If you’re doing those in phases, then typically no. While payment system is important, there are many things much more vital than your payment system.

Whether you’re doing this in phases or at one time, the approach should be the same. Sit down with experienced mentors and coaches who know the industry but do not have a conflict of interest.(like a distributor)

Develop a master plan for full renovations, then work backwards prioritizing the most vital components, the impact they will have on the growth of your business and your budget. Don’t be afraid to borrow some to get started. Leverage can accelerate your growth, just be careful not to overleverage your business. Money is dirt cheap right now, take advantage of that if you can.

I hope this all helps you in the process. Best wishes to you my friend.