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Jordan Berry

    Hey Corey!
    Super interesting! I actually brought it up on the podcast this week because I thought it was so interesting. I’m really hoping a few people chime in on it!

    What I hear you saying is that you value the simplicity of laundromats. Am I understanding that correctly? It’s one of the big reasons I got into the industry so I get that.

    With that said, taking a 30% cut and hoping you can increase walk-in traffic by that much at least seems like an uphill battle. Don’t count on that many people coming to your laundromat just because you put in more machines. You may get some new customers because of it, but probably not 30%.

    So, the question becomes, what is your strategy for increasing business at least 30% to cover the lost WDF business? And, if you do come up with a strategy, could it be implemented while maintaining the WDF part of the business?

    If so, it would probably be worth coming up with strategies to streamline the WDF part of the business to make management simpler and just enjoy the benefits of the increased business.

    Those are my initial thoughts on it? What do you think?