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Ross Dodds

    Hey Dahren,

    I’ll jump in and add my 2 cents too. Do you have cash to buy the store and then you would need to finance equipment or remodel or do you need to finance a large part of the entire project?
    Like Jordan mentioned, price should be based on the net income of the store not gross income of the store.
    I agree completely with carts may work but like Jordan said, you start to make the rest of the laundry look clean, fresh and new and all of a sudden what “worked” before now looks like you forgot in your thinking process and in an overall project, another $2-$3k is probably worth it when every customer needs one just about.
    Think about refreshing the signs too… when you are driving down the street, folks notice changes with colors, new things… a sign is the first chance to show people something new is happening at that laundry, maybe I should check it out!