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    I do fluff and fold but i don’t see the connection between that and your question about dryer revenue…maybe it is b/c i am a card store so i can distinguish what machine revenue comes from that. To answer your question, though – for self-serve activity, dryer revenue is about 25% or washer revenue.

    However…..I am not sure that I believe any benchmark for dryer revenue is terribly useful for comparatives. It can vary based on a number of things including pricing strategy, age of machines and even philosophy.

    My pricing strategy is to be the highest in the area – especially for the wash. My machines are just over a year old so very efficient to run. My washers are 450g soft mount so alot of the water gets removed in the washer. So just looking at those things, one would expect that my dryer revenue should be lower b/c customers should need to use less dry time.

    And b/c i think i have just enough dryer capacity, i don’t necessarily want people to be buying a lot of dryer time – especially on Sunday b/c I need them to get done and free the machine up for the next person. So I price in 5 minute increments in hopes that people finitely control the amount of time they choose. Avg dry time is right around 25 minutes. So if I went to 10 minutes I’d definitely make more money b/c it would likely push it to 30 minutes. But I’d also run the risk of those dryers being occupied un-necessarily simply b/c people want to get the full amount of their time, even if the clothes are dry.

    Sorry, long winded answer. But the net is – i think it’s fine to be aware of that number, but I don’t know that I’d benchmark on it