Laundromat Resource Forums Commercial Real Estate I want to invest my retirement in a Laundromat. Reply To: I want to invest my retirement in a Laundromat.

James Berry

    Hi Gary, thanks for joining in on the forums with such a great question!

    Congratulations on being on your path towards retirement! Hopefully laundromats can fit into your plan!

    If you don’t mind me asking, about how long are you looking for retirement? Are you hoping to run the laundromat into retirement? Only asking in case other community members have been or are in a similar situation and can chime in with their experiences.

    I see you have interest in looking into a laundromat franchise, if you haven’t seen or listened to these podcast episodes about laundromat franchises, I highly recommend them! I know they can be a hot topic of debate in the industry (or any industry).

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