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    Hi Mario,

    You don’t need a list. You just need a good one. Distributors go by region which is a blessing and a curse. Blessing if you have a great distributor. Curse if the distributor in your region is not working to their peak performance for whatever the reason might be. Such as shot staffed, extremely busy, complacent attitude, No other competition, all of the aforementioned or other extenuating circumstances.

    You are lucky there is a good distributor down south.

    And perhaps most important… not all equipment is the same. Absolutely not. Some are less expensive some are not just keep in mind the the price of the equipment is directly proportional to the equipment that you are purchasing.

    The dealer business model is an interesting one. Never forget that the equipment can either make your or break you. IF you purchase and have the right equipment dealer service is a moot point if the equipment that you have is reliable and the manufacturer stand behind it. The equipment that I have at my location is great and perfect for my business model. We all work. Me personally I keep a super busy hectic schedule. Equipment ease of use, repair, reliability, and manufacturer support is very important and critical to my business. I like it when I can go a few weeks sometimes without an equipment issue. Just as I like the fact that I have learned enough about my equipment to have the parts on hand in parallel to the ability of us performing our own repairs in house.

    Good luck with your search.