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Dante Roa

    Hello Justin,

    This depends, does the place have already sewer lines hooked up along the permits from the city for each line?
    If no, then I say back out of this, as this would make the process much more complicated and costly. From my understanding each sewer line/permit costs about a minimum of 500.00

    If yes ( I assume this is with your case as you stated the location is set up for a laundromat), we may be able to move forward. 12-18 months is a long time. There are many distributors, make a few calls, tell them what you need, to give you pricing per unit, installation labor and estimate duration for which they can bring the units and install them. Always have 20-30k set aside for unexpected expenses.

    Remember if this place doesn’t have good customers or customers left due to previous owner doing a lousy job of maintaining it… then you need to consider this as well in your decision.

    Always see where your nearest competition is and where the location of the laundromat you’re interested in is located at and what neighbors you may have. These are some of the factors you may need to consider.