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Dante Roa

    Hello Brannon, I would not recommend going this route.
    Lets say you get this hardware/software, chances its going to be a software that will be incorporated. For example I, the customer will connect to your wifi, now in order for me to get connected fully and access wifi; my device takes me to a page where I have to put my credentials. First Name, Last Name, Email…exe.

    I will never put my real info and email. I will put for first name and last name” kjfkldaj jkjfaljdf” and for the email, “[email protected]” and check box on user agreement and click connect.

    Why should I give you my personal info when I can put a bunch of fake things and get what I want?

    Hotel system is different, I normally provide all my info when I check in at the front desk. I may or may not give my email. When I am at my room. I already am given the password for the wifi in the cover of my room key. Or I connect to the wifi and put my room number and my last name, for the username and password; which has already been set up for me at the front desk.

    The only viable way I would know is if you make some sort of rewards program like Ralphs or these big chain stores, where the customer is incentivized to sign up as they are going to be using the services and might as well sign up so they can get the rewards (whatever it may be).