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Juan Vazquez

    Hello Sam and welcome.

    I would say that Jordan has captured most of the talking points correctly. I agree with Jordan’s input and can simply add that the success and your eventual in person requirement will be largely dependent on what you will do in the beginning and directly proportional to the time it will take to both reach that “minimal attention” status as well as recurring financial posture that you might be looking for.

    I purchased my location close to 14 years ago. It took more time and attention back then average of ~ 20 hours per week. Sounds minimal but it’s not when you are working 40 hours per week or 70 a week when accounting for overtime plus being sent on work assignments. It is then when the true value of a good team or family engagement will come into play.

    Today the time spent is ~ half but we’ve grown to enjoy the business that it is not uncommon for us to still spend ~ 20 hours a week taking care of the place and or taking care of other business related matters.

    Regardless it’s been a great time and financial investment. Good luck.