Laundromat Resource Forums Financing What is a LOI and how do I write one? Reply To: What is a LOI and how do I write one?

Tahra Wright

    Hi Michelle! Generally speaking, an LOI means “letter of intent” or “letter of interest”. It’s a non-binding letter that indicates your interest to purchase the business and the most important terms to your offer (purchase price, downpayment) as well as preliminary conditions to your offer. This is used to negotiate before the terms are put into a proper contract to purchase. I think I saw a template LOI under Pro Resources. I’m more familiar with the concept in real estate transactions and other corporate transactions, but that’s generally how they work. If you don’t have access to the pro resources tab, then try googling to see exactly the type of terms you want to put in the LOI when looking to buy a laundromat specifically. Hope that helps and good luck! And yes you can definitely put in a period of time by which she has to come back and negotiate with you or have the offer expire.