Purchase Interest Letter [TEMPLATE]

When you’re looking for a laundromat to buy, use this letter template to introduce yourself to laundromat owners and let them know you’re interested in buying their laundromat. Replace the information in brackets with your own information.

Due Diligence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Proper due diligence is crucial when purchasing a laundromat business. Download and use this free infographic when purchasing your next laundromat to ensure that you thoroughly investigate the business!

Pro Forma [SAMPLE]

When analyzing laundromats, you will be looking at a pro forma worksheet that looks similar to this sample pro forma. It will include basic business details, a summary of an average month’s expenses, a summary of an average month’s income, and expected cash flow.

Water Analysis [WORKSHEET]

When doing your due diligence on a laundromat, it is vital that you know exactly what you’re paying for. This water analysis spreadsheet will help you approximate how much income a store’s washers should bring in based on the amount of water used.

Acquisition Process [SUMMARY]

It can be intimidating beginning to go through the process of buying a laundromat. If you’ve never done it before there’s so much you don’t know. This summary will help you know what to expect and what to look for during that process. We got your back!


When you’re analyzing a laundromat to purchase, it makes a lot of sense to be looking for hidden ways that you can improve the business to increase your returns and cash flow. The same goes for the laundromat(s) you already own. This checklist will give you specific things to be Read more…

Store Details [WORKSHEET]

Use this free worksheet to keep track of the critical information about a laundromat you are analyzing or the laundromat you own. It will help you assemble and organize all the info you need. If you end up buying the store, having all of this information organized in this worksheet Read more…

Deal Analysis [TEMPLATE]

Once you’ve determined a laundromat is worth pursuing using the free Pre-Analysis Scorecard, use this Deal Analysis Template to plug in a few numbers (in the green boxes) and let this spreadsheet do the math for you! The quickest distance between two points is letting the computer do all the Read more…

Minimum Deal Standards [WORKSHEET]

Use this free worksheet to help you define what requirements you have for your laundromat purchases. This will help you quickly weed out laundromats that don’t fit your criteria so you can focus on the ones that do! Expedite your journey to financial freedom!