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Laundromat Resource is dedicated to helping you find financial freedom through laundromat ownership. This business is one of the best businesses you can be a part of! But, there are a lot of potential “gotchas” in this business. Laundromat Resource wants to help you succeed in this business. Jordan always says, “If you get into this business right the first time, the sky is the limit! But, if you don’t, it can be tough to dig your way out.” And he would know! He didn’t get in right. And now he’s on a mission to make sure no one else has to learn the hard (and expensive!) lessons he learned the way he learned them. That’s why he created his consulting and coaching programs! Learn his expensive lessons inexpensively!

Here are the four main categories of help he offers:

Pro Community

Before you book your call, consider joining the Laundromat Resource Pro Community. With weekly live calls, including Q&A’s, deal analysis, laundromat troubleshooting, and educational calls, in addition to the other tools and resources included with the Pro Community, you may find the answers you are looking for within the community!

One-Time Consulation

This is perfect for anyone who has specific questions they want to be answered by an experienced veteran, someone who wants help analyzing a potential laundromat acquisition, or someone who needs help to get their laundromat pointed in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for help buying your first laundromat, or you’re a veteran owner, the one-time consultation is a budget-friendly way to get a lot of value in a short amount of time. 


If you have documents you want to look over or analyze with Jordan, email them to him after booking your call to [email protected].

Consulting Package

This option is perfect for anyone who wants a more robust, holistic approach to their laundromat strategy. Whether you want help analyzing a laundromat acquisition or taking your laundromat to the next level, a Consulting Package will help you get farther, faster. Engage in a weekly call with an industry veteran who will give you the guidance you need to take your next steps. Our consulting packages are action-oriented and results-driven. Each scheduled call will conclude with action steps to take to move you closer to your ultimate goals.

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Jordan Berry

Multi-store owner and jump starter of Laundromat Resource, Jordan took the expensive, painful lessons he learned when he bought his first laundromat and put them to good use. He’s on a mission to 1. Make sure you buy your first laundromat the right way the first time, 2. Optimize your laundromat to maximize your service to your community and your profits, and 3. Help you scale your business if that’s your goal! With well over 1,000 consulting calls over the last few years, Jordan has helped many accomplish just those goals. Just check the reviews for proof!

Andrew Cunningham

With nearly 40 years of experience in the laundromat industry as an owner of a chain of laundromats, a broker, a consultant, and, most importantly, a Laundromat Resource Podcast guest, Andrew knows this business as well as anyone alive. His extensive knowledge and experience, his thoroughness, and his passion for the business mean you’ll benefit from all his wisdom without having to put the years into it that he has!

Lauren Berkoski

From growing up in the laundromat business to present day multi-store owner and operator of an expanding laundry service, Lauren has a true passion for the thriving laundry industry. In addition to her laundry experience, Lauren has over a decade of marketing and advertising consulting experience. Lauren’s marketing expertise includes research and strategy, brand development and management, go to market strategy and demand generation campaign management. Whether you are looking to begin your laundry journey or grow your existing services, Lauren’s vast knowledge can help you accomplish your desired business outcomes!

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