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If you want to buy a laundromat to achieve financial freedom, sign up below to be placed on our Buyers Email List (BEL). After signing up, we will arrange a brief phone call to introduce ourselves and to welcome you to the family. We will ask you a few short questions (i.e. your location, if you have a budget in mind, if you need help finding financing, etc.) to help us understand your needs so that we can send you the laundromats that best suit your needs.

Once you are on the BEL, you will receive emails with laundromats that best fit what you’re looking for as soon as they are on the market. Laundromats and real estate will likely be available to offers for a short window. Sellers will then either counter, negotiate, or accept an offer and it will no longer be available. So, if you want to buy a laundromat, you need to be on the BEL!

By signing up to be on our BEL, you will have early access to laundromat deals. Only after our BEL has had an opportunity to buy a laundromat will the listing go public. This serves you as the investor, and also our sellers as they will be able to present their laundromats to self-selected, interested parties (you!). 

Who Should Sign Up On the BEL?

If you are someone who is interested in buying laundromats, the BEL (Buyers Email List) is for you. This will grant you early access to laundromats for sale before they go public. It will also give us (Jordan and the Laundromat Resource Team) an opportunity to get to know you, and will give you an opportunity to get to know us! We love this!

While we are only licensed to sell laundromats in California, we have a vast network of brokers and agents that we work with across the United States. So, even if you are located outside of California, the BEL is for you, too! We will send you laundromats for sale in your area from the agents in our network. So, even if you live outside of California, and even if you live in a small market, sign up to be on the BEL and we will do our best to help put you on the path to financial freedom through laundromat and commercial property ownership!

We’re excited to help you achieve financial freedom through laundromats and commercial real estate and look forward to getting to know you better!



*** Note: Providing a full name (not a username) and valid contact information is required to join the BEL ***

Buyers Email List (BEL)