Laundry Sales Accelerator

Are you a laundromat owner looking to grow your business by offering services like
wash and fold or pick up and delivery? Are you unsure about how to start because of challenges
with staffing, fulfillment, processes, sales and marketing? Is any of this stopping your business
from reaching its full potential?

Guess what? It’s not your fault!

Running a great pick up and delivery business involves so many moving parts that podcasts
and blogs just can’t do justice. And those Facebook groups? Yeah, they’ve got folks dishing out
advice…some solid, some bad.

But you should pat yourself on the back, because if you’re even thinking about starting pick up
and delivery, you’re already ahead of the game and you’re thinking ahead!
I bet you’re like me and you know there’s a whirlwind of competition out there, with new players
joining the game faster than ever.

But there’s still such a massive opportunity for you. Some estimates predict 36% compounded
annual growth in pick up and delivery laundry! We’re talking BILLIONS of dollars each year
pouring into this!

Why? Well, because people are done with the old ways. Most families are dual income now and
they don’t just want convenience, they NEED it – and they’re embracing it with open arms.
Now, here’s the thing. If you’re not keeping up, if you’re not adapting to this wave of fulfilling
laundry, you’re at risk.

Your laundromat business may be busy today, but it’s like a ship stuck in the harbor, while
others are sailing ahead.

But you don’t have to be left behind. You have a choice to embrace the change, ride the wave
so to speak, and take your laundromat to new heights.

Because, let’s face it, change isn’t just knocking—it’s pounding on your door. And when you
ignore it, the world moves on without you.

I’ve hosted hundreds of podcasts, connected with so many professionals in the industry, and
guided hundreds through their laundromat journey and I see common problems over and over
again. People want to start pick up and delivery but don’t want to risk spend money on an
attendant to sit around or just don’t know how to get things started!

So now, I’m incredibly excited to present a very unique, very game-changing opportunity for
you. It’s essentially a risk-free method to scaling and growing your pick up and delivery laundry

That is through business to business sales. There are plenty of small businesses right now, in
your market that produce dirty laundry that they need to have cleaned.

These are businesses like massage therapists, spas, hair salons, Air Bnbs, pet grooming
businesses and small motels. Just imagine – get one of these as a regular customer and you’ll
enjoy reliable income and a vehicle to kickstart your wash and fold service. With the right
systems, getting those sales and closing deals becomes a straightforward, systematic process.
This very specific type of training doesn’t exist anywhere else!

Now, this is exactly how David did it.

He’s been a guest on our podcast and we’ve been connecting a lot recently.
In fact, he opened his books to me and showed me first-hand the incredible growth his business
has seen, by attracting and closing business customers.

We’re talking 500% growth in a year in his corporate business! And the best part? He’s been
able to grow his residential pick up and delivery business many many times over!

If it’s ok with you guys, can I show you what we’re offering?

So here’s what you’re going to get:

An 8-week cohort based course with live instruction by me and David. This is not just a
course where you watch some videos and hopefully find some success on your own.
This is live instruction with us where you can interact, ask questions, get clarification and
feedback and get coached. It’s also a co-hort based course so you’ll have classmates
asking questions and sharing information with eachother. This is by far the MOST
effective and sure-fire way to success and is easily worth $10,000 alone.

– The course is going to teach you the most potent marketing and sales fundamentals
(tailored for your laundry business) so that you can attract small business customers
AND onboard them. So month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year, you
can continue stacking those streams of income. Just imagine your business then!!

You’re going to learn how to build in profit margins so you can be profitable and get the
life that you work so hard for!

You’re going to learn all about staffing, logistics and delivering fulfillment so you can
keep those customers happy

We’ll give you “Done For You” templates, tools and materials saving you hundreds of
hours of work and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in design. All of it is optimized to
do one single thing…to help you grow your pick up and delivery laundry business.
There’s nowhere else you’ll find all of this!

We’re giving you Laundry Sales OS. This is a tool (an Notion-based app) that will
accelerate you ahead and keep you organized. It is absolutely jam-packed with
resources, templates, emails, sales scripts, tools and really everything you need to sell.
This is a $149 value. You get it for free.

I’m giving you a year’s subscription (FOR FREE) to Laundromat Resource Pro
. That’s a $480 value. Why? Because, I want you to be a part of our
community and continue to have access to our resources.

– Besides all of that, you’ll gain access to our exclusive VIP Facebook group, where there
are regular live calls, coaching sessions and QandAs, all about laundry sales and PUD
business growth. You can connect with other like-minded people, ask questions, and
jump on live calls. This is at minimum a $1000 value and You’ll be absolutely BLOWN
AWAY by the time this saves you to get your business ahead.

– Add this all up and it works out to nearly $12,000 in value.

– This opportunity doesn’t cost $12,000. It would be completely within reason to pay
$6000 for this and you would be getting exceptional value! Especially if you just land a
single business customer, it’s worth it right there!

– But it doesn’t cost $6000. You know what? It doesn’t even cost $3000 (which is CRAZY)!

– Because we’re so passionate about this, we’re offering you a chance to be a part of our
very first, very limited co-hort based Laundry Service Accelerator Program for $1497

– That’s crazy! Onboard a single business customer with your newfound knowledge and
skillset, and your ROI is out of this world!

– Needless to say, we are 100% committed to making sure, you get everything you need
for your success! We’re so confident that you’ll be so happy with the value that you’ve
gotten from this experience, that we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If, after
doing the cohort with us, you still don’t feel like you got every penny worth of value, we’ll
give you 100% of your money back. We just want to see others enjoy the success that
this business has to offer!

Now this course is strictly limited.

We want to ensure the quality of the experience and we think a smaller group will accomplish
that – so we can’t guarantee there’ll be any spots left and the price will be going up next time.

And, because this is live, we don’t know when the next one will be, so if this is something that
will help you, make sure to claim your spot right away, before it’s too late.