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We're blowing the lid off the laundromat industry.

Researching the laundromat industry and finding it difficult to find specific information and answers to your questions? We had the same experience! That’s why we’re blowing the lid off the laundromat industry. Information about owning laundromats should be readily available. The secrecy and dishonesty is the way business was done in the past. Now, transparency and integrity rule the business world. We believe we’ll all be more successful together! Join the community to learn, grow, contribute, and succeed!

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Increased Value

With information comes increased value for you and your business. We strive not only to provide valuable information to laundromat owners, but also to create an atmosphere conducive to sharing communal wisdom and advice.

Community Focused

As a social media site, laundromat owners and prospective laundromat owners come here to teach, learn, grow, and succeed! We feature content by our community in the forums, on the Laundromat Resource Podcast, and in our blog!

Experienced consulting

Whether you're ready to purchase your first laundromat, contemplating scaling your laundry empire, or struggling to maintain a profitable business, we at Laundromat Resource are committed to helping you succeed. Book a coaching call, no matter where you are in your journey toward financial independence through laundromats.

our vision

Meet our founder.

Jordan Berry, CalBRE # 01527225

Currently a multi-laundromat store owner and business and commercial real estate agent, Jordan looked high and low for information about getting into the laundromat industry when he first got in the business. The information he found was sparse, mostly generic, and ultimately was not enough to keep him from making costly errors in his first two purchases. His frustration with this lack of information and the distress his costly mistakes created drove him to create Laundromat Resource. Determined to never let a lack of information about the laundromat industry be the reason for someone to suffer the stress he did early on, he created a website in which he could provide thorough, transparent, and relevant information for other laundromat owners and prospective owners. Steadfast in his belief that we can all be better together, he works hard to make LaundromatResource.com a community that is dedicated to teaching one another, learning from one another, growing together, and succeeding together! (Fun side note: the tie in the picture was from the lost and found in one of his laundromats! Score!)

We love our community

Our Warm Welcome

We wanted to take 90 seconds to welcome you to our community! We truly believe that laundromats have the ability to help us achieve our goals in life and that we’ll get there faster and more efficiently together! This is a community of people who are dedicated to teaching each other, learning from each other, growing together, and, ultimately, succeeding together! Welcome to the party!


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Whether you need help with the acquisition phase, running your laundromat, or selling your laundromat, we have coaches who can help with all phases of your laundromat journey!


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Jordan was VERY knowledgeable and thorough during our consultation. He answered more questions than I was prepared to ask and became an invaluable resource for my start in the laundromat journey. If there were more stars I would give more than 5. Very satisfied ending our call and more motivated than ever. Thank you, Jordan!!
Elizabeth LoCicero

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